What Stephanie’s clients are saying:

Stephanie is a joy to work with and a wonderful teacher. She blends an incredibly supportive nature with impressive effectiveness. She is knowledgeable, experienced, well prepared, organized and intentional in her teaching – always structuring things in a way that you can replicate independently when she’s no longer holding your hand. In other words, she doesn’t just give you wings, she helps you confidently fly on your own! I will most certainly be working with her again.” – Dr. Stuart Ablon, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Stephanie is positive, charismatic, has high energy. You will get a boost when working with her, for yourself and for your business.” – Carlos Espinoza-Toro, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

“Stephanie is an exceptional speaker, full of great insights and knowledge for building your personal brand and using social media to your networking advantage. She changed my perspective on how to use social media, and offered great tips for building my network through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable and inspirational, she’s got a wonderful personality and spirit; her positive energy radiates wherever she goes, which contributes to her effectiveness as a speaker.” – Issa M. Gonzalez, banking industry

She hit on all cylinders on the 1st pass.” – Kelly Lowell, business owner

“Despite this strategy-like role, she remained a “front lines” first adopter of new ideas, a creative force who encouraged others to follow and build on her lead.” – Zach Church, MIT

“She not only got to the heart of our message, she also worked on the edges with different but relevant content. She sticks to schedules and she increased our social media audience reach and numbers.” – Randy Blosil, Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation

She is an open-minded, curious, hardworking, and extremely dependable entrepreneur.” – Ray Dogum, founder of Health Unchained

“Stephanie is a great action oriented leader.” – Ed K., tech industry executive

Stephanie is creative, action-oriented, and remarkably adept at drilling down to the underlying goals of both the individual client and the larger organization.” – Daniel M., food industry

“I so appreciated her insight on layout and content, her tech expertise, and her respect and support for my vision.” – Allison B., healthcare industry

“Stephanie came and spoke to my social media class and she was phenomenal! Not only was she energetic and funny, but she also offered a lot of valuable information that any PR, marketing, or social media student could apply in their future career endeavors. In addition, she also brought in examples of real social media issues and content that she has done in her position instead of talking about hypothetical situations. In my college career I have listened to many lectures and speakers and Stephanie was one of the most engaging speakers I have had. Not often am I easily captivated and pay attention to an entire presentation; but because she was so engaging I listened to every single word. I learned a lot from her presentation and am so fortunate that I was given that opportunity.” – Alexis Dredden, corporate social media specialist

“She finds the balance between being knowledgeable about a subject while still managing to be approachable. This invaluable pairing is a huge asset to those around her. Her wide knowledge of social media and her willingness to use her experience to help those around her make her a valuable resource. Her ability to listen and be present help her to effectively engage with those around her. She is an effective communicator and able to facilitate in a wide variety of settings.” – Christina H., software engineer

“Stephanie’s creative thinking, expertise and passion as a Social Media Communications Specialist made her an absolute delight and charming guest speaker during my marketing class at Suffolk University. Having listened to Stephanie’s lecture on what she does as a social marketer at MIT and why social media is so important to implement into today’s business marketing strategies demonstrates her profound knowledge and skills in this field. After the lecture, I was able to take away new insights and knowledge on how to successfully execute and take the proper steps in managing social media platforms at my job.” – Leslie Harold, project manager


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