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“Your dedication to your craft and your knack for staying ahead of an ever-changing field have made you a rising star. And we are delighted to be in your orbit.”

– MIT President’s Office

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“The new site was provided by digital marketing agency Apiarity ( Apiarity owner Stephanie Leishman reviewed all existing content and imagined the possibilities for new content. She envisioned a website that would communicate an extensive amount of information in a clear, usable way for the viewer.”

– “A New Website, with New Features,” The Prospector & The Union Newspaper (March 2020)

Featured as one of Nevada County’s “Ones to Watch” in 2019:

Destination Magazine (Winter/Spring 2019)

“Stephanie will take a look at your existing online social media presence, show you how to ‘get found,’ convert your fans into prospects, and analyze the data to understand what needs to change in your online platform to improve results.”

– Robin Davies, “It’s All About the Benefits,” The Union Newspaper (February 2018)

“Many benefits exist to participating in a Twitter chat, as noted by social media strategist Stephanie Hatch Leishman, who identifies the four benefits of joining a chat as ‘Learning, Networking, Visibility, and Reputation.’”

– Tiffaney Lavoie, “Five Ways to Grow Your PLN with Twitter,” EDtalk (June 2017)

“This week we spoke to Stephanie Leishman, founder of Apiarity…”

– “Startup Spotlight: Apiarity,” Greenhorn Connect (December 2016)

“There are many benefits to participating in Twitter chats. Stephanie Leishman […] lists the four benefits of joining a Twitter chat as ‘Learning, Networking, Visibility, and Reputation.'”

– Denver Fowler and John Riley, “How to Build Your PLN on Twitter,” THE Journal (September 2015)

“I found out about this Periscope tour on Twitter. It was done by Stephanie Leishman, Social Media Strategist at MIT, and Emer Garland. I follow Stephanie on Twitter, because she is smart, super savvy, driven and still manages to be one of the kindest people I had the pleasure to meet on Twitter.

– Karine Joly, “Periscope in #highered,” (July 2015)

“Stephanie H. Leishman, Social Media Strategist at MIT, talked about generosity, love, growth, and karma. One way to give back, she said, is to mentor other people.”

– Ekaterina Walter, “7 Career Lessons From Female Leaders,” LinkedIn Pulse (May 2015)

“Stephanie Hatch Leishman … suggests letting the image be your message, and this is because visuals have the power of triggering certain reactions that may have an impact on engagement.”

– Katerina Petropoulou, “The Power of Visual Content in Social Media Marketing,” (March 2015)

“Have 5 years made a difference for digital analytics in higher ed? That’s what I wanted to know when I asked the 12 speakers of the 2015 Higher Ed Analytics Conference about the state of digital analytics at their institutions.”

– Karine Joly, “The 2015 State of Digital Analytics in #HigherEd Institutions,” (January 2015)

“In this 3-question interview, Stephanie tells us about a professional ‘big analytics win’ in 2014, the state of analytics and what colleges and universities should focus on in terms of analytics in 2015.”

– “Meet #HigherEd Analytics Pros: Stephanie Hatch Leishman (@hatchsteph) from @MIT,” (January 2015)

“In this 3-question interview, Stephanie tells us about her most successful initiative with social media, her biggest challenge and shares some advice on how to cope with the 24/7 world of social media in higher education.”

– Karine Joly, “Stephanie Leishman (@hatchsteph) from @MIT on social media success, challenges & tips,” (November 2014)

“As you can see, there’s a lot to try out in your quest to manage social media more effectively. Breathe mindfully as you contemplate this advice from Guru Leishman…”

– Robyn Fizz, “Social Media Tools That Can Save You Time,” MIT News (October 2014)

“If you handle social media for your department, staying on top of multiple tasks on several channels may be running you ragged. Well, take a deep breath. … MIT’s social media strategist, Stephanie Hatch Leishman, recently discussed some applications that can streamline your social media workflow.”

– Robyn Fizz, “Social Media Tools That Can Save You Time,” MIT IS&T News (June 2014)

“So how can you get on the engagement bandwagon and incorporate images into your social media effectively? MIT’s Stephanie Hatch suggests that images should trigger 1 of 3 responses from your audience.”

– Chris Blackwell, “Images: Your Social Media BFF,” (June 2014)

“She talked about the jobs that are available in social media, but that part of her speech that caught my eye was once again about personal branding.”

– Taylor Bentall, Public Relations & Advertising: Who’s Got the Power? (March 2014)

“In addition to [a] blog, Leishman organizes monthly presentations and discussions on web and social media topics, which give MIT communicators a chance to talk about challenges and best practices, and explore platforms’ functionality. Recent sessions included engaging alumni on social media, introducing users to Facebook Insights, and discussing various free online tools for managing social media. About 300 people also use a social media subgroup that Leishman formed on MIT’s private Yammer network to seek advice; announce conferences and training opportunities; spread the word about an event; and share useful tips…. ‘I let people help each other,’ Leishman says. ‘This is a great place to go when you don’t know who to ask.'”

– CASE Currents (February 2014)

“Whether you’re focused on social media, blog posts, photos, or videos, there are things you can do to make your content easier to find.”

– Robyn Fizz, “Searchability: Making Your Online Content Easier to Find,” MIT IS&T News (February 2014)

“Stephanie tells us about her top analytics challenge at work, favorite GA feature and chimes in on the next big thing for analytics in colleges and universities.”

– Karine Joly, “#HigherEd Analytics in 2014,” (January 2014)

“Hatch covered many other topics in her presentation, including principles of photography as they relate to social media and advice about how and where to post.”

– Robyn Fizz, “The big picture: using images in social media,” MIT News (June 2013)

“Across MIT, when it comes to the mysteries of incorporating social media into a marketing campaign or improving a program’s outreach, she has become the guru of first resort: Far more than 140 characters now count on her advice. Stephanie insists that her last name is ‘Hatch’ – but we’re pretty sure that it’s ‘Hashtag.’ Your cheerful, tireless enthusiasm and wide-ranging know-how make you a guide, an advocate and an inspiration. Everyone is eager to learn from you. Creative, energetic and action-oriented, you generously share your knowledge with eager novices and grumpy Luddites alike. In the past two years, MIT’s social media following has jumped to nearly half a million – and that achievement has your digital fingerprints all over it. Your passion for MIT’s mission, your dedication to your craft and your knack for staying ahead of an ever-changing field have made you a rising star. And we are delighted to be in your orbit.”

– MIT President’s Office, Rewards and Recognition (May 2013)

“Hatch used her forum to ‘get the hamster wheel turning’ about effective ways to use images in social media.”

– Robyn Fizz, “The Big Picture: Using Images in Social Media,” MIT IS&T News (May 2013)

“Stephanie Hatch… has published a list of the ways you can use Yammer. She also shares these tips about using Yammer at MIT….”

– Robyn Fizz, “Yammer at MIT Offers Many Ways to Collaborate and Stay Informed,” MIT IS&T News (Jan 2013)

“MITCoLab’s twitter chat, coordinated by Alexa Mills (#citychat), was originally inspired by her MIT colleague, Stephanie Hatch. After reading Stephanie’s article regarding the benefits of joining twitter chats she became increasingly excited.”

– Renée van Staveren, “Why Begin a Twitter Chat?: A Guide for Architecture and Urban Planning,” (November 2012)

“Stephanie Hatch is MIT’s first social media and email marketing specialist. As the Institute’s central resource for digital strategies, she can advise those new to social media as well as those who want to take it to the next level.”

– Robyn Fizz, “Questions about social media or email marketing? MIT specialist has answers,” MIT News (January 2012)


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