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Leishman, S., Brunel, F., Bickart, B. “Dimensions of Voice in Social Media,” Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing: New Paradigms, Perspectives, and Practices, Libri Publishing (pp. 157-176), ISBN: 978-1-911450-23-8



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Think You Can Apply a SWOT Analysis to Social Media Marketing?
How your Customers Shop on Instagram

These Universities Using Instagram Clearly Get What to Post

Recent posts below; view full list.
The Five Fears of Switching to an Instagram Business Profile
How Do I Keep My Facebook Group Active and Engaged?
What Network Density Means for Business
Léauthier on Presence Strategy vs. Flow Strategy
Ello: A Network for Creators
Curation as Separation in New Media

YouTube vs. Vimeo for Colleges and Universities

MIT Connect
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Remove “Check Out” From Your Social Media Vocabulary
Validation as Part of Social Media Customer Service
The Obsession with Best Practices

What Is “Dark Social”?
Quora: How Ashton Kutcher, Joi Ito, and Drew Houston Respond
Curated Content About Curated Content
Reporting On Your Social Media Analytics
37 Ways MIT Uses Yammer
“Meltdown”: A Twitter Case Study
Election 2012: Twitter and Infographics
Gamification and Social Rewarding
LinkedIn Groups: Should Mine Be Closed or Open?
Does Your Department Take the ‘Social’ Out of Social Media?
Direct Marketing and Nanotargeting
4 Benefits of Joining Twitter Chats
7 Ways Social Media Impacts Organizations

Tracking success and failure in social mediaMedium
8 Social Media Tactics for Higher Education, Social Media Sun


Pioneering Computer-Aided Design
Interview with Masanori Nagashima, Chairman of Informatix Inc.
The Thrill of Making Music

Interview with Eran Egozy, co-founder of Harmonix Music Systems, developer of Rock Band
Seeing in People What They Are Not Yet Capable of Seeing in Themselves
Interview with Sarah Abrams, President of Fidelity Real Estate Company, a division of Fidelity Investments
Taking a Holistic View
Interview with Michael Sherman, Director of Policy Research, National Capital Planning Commission
Architect of the Air

Interview with Christopher Janney, composer/artist/architect and creator of installation works such as “Soundstair,” “Heartbeat,” and “Sonic Forest”

Art and language

The art and science of mapmaking with woodMIT News

The Conflicted History of Sumerian Philology
Hieroglyphic Hittite and Cuneiform Hittite in Boǧazköy
Anaptyctic Vowels
Characteristics of Achaemenid Art
Manichean Sogdian: Coalescence of Phonemes
Habakkuk: ‘Tarry’
Originative Akkadian Landscapes
Hierarchy and Letter-writing
Neo-Assyrian Art: Reaction to Ramesside Egypt
What is a Journal?


Mormons and the Geography of FaithCoLab Radio
Spiritual Spring CleaningRealLifeAnswers.com
Understanding and Overcoming Pride: Context and Perception, stephaniehatch.blogspot.com
God Reaches Out to Adam, to Us, stephaniehatch.blogspot.com


See savillum.com

New England

Cover Art on Boston StreetsCoLab Radio
Boston’s Boylston Street Excavations: A Prehistoric Fishweir and the Absence of Pine, stephaniehatch.blogspot.com
Early History of the Strawberry in New Englandstephaniehatch.blogspot.com

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