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Boston University, edX

I helped develop Strategic Social Media Marketing on This course ran for six weeks and is part of a MicroMasters program in Digital Product Management, comprising a series of credit-eligible courses that waive 25% of the degree requirements for a Master of Science in Digital Innovation (MSDi) at Boston University, reducing the course load to seven months.

More than 100,000 people have enrolled in this course.

  • Over 22,000 learners signed up for the first run of the course (Nov-Dec 2017)!
  • Over 15,700 signed up for the second run (Apr-May 2018).
  • Over 13,000 signed up for the third run (Aug-Oct 2018).
  • The course ran again for a fourth time (Jan-Mar 2019), fifth time (fall 2019), sixth time (Apr 2020), and a seventh time (Sep 2020).

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The MicroMasters program (of which this course is a part) was nominated for the 2018 edX Prize:

Purchase the book based on this course:

Strategic Social Media Marketing by Barbara Bickart and Stephanie Leishman
Strategic Social Media Marketing (book)

Feedback from students:

  • This is the third EdX course I have taken in this micromasters program, and this course has definitely been the best organized and easiest to understand. – Molly Farrar
  • “It was fun, engaging, and competitive.” – Nadim Nassar
  • “It was fun and interactive! I have the business knowledge of social media marketing now and am looking forward to using it.” – Ta Nya
  • “This course was comprehensive and very enjoyable. It is one of the best courses I have ever done!” – Victoria Mathews
  • “I learned so much here and it was one of the best [studies] I got for my entire life! Yes really!!!” – Flora Vannineuse
  • “It’s the best course I’ve taken on social media, super complete. All the content and additional readings have been very enriching and useful!” – Giannina Solari
  • “I have learned so much from this course, thanks to the instructors and guest videos. I have learned all the different ways to track social media reach and impressions, what they mean, and how to interact with consumers online.Although I already had a strong background in social media management for organizations, this course has helped me to better understand how I can figure out the wants and needs of my audience and how I can frame messages to fit my organization’s goals. Using metrics is so important to this as well – something I didn’t fully realize before. In addition, Part 6 has taught me that it’s important to put aside emotions and be respectful to everyone. You should also put together a crises plan for every incident that could happen, no matter how small.” – Taylor Dean
  • “It’s difficult for me to find one take away from this course. It has all been a revelation for me. I was quite clueless about a lot of topics covered in the course. Going forth, all my SM efforts will be centered around my goals. I was also skeptical about spending money on ads, but now I feel confident after learning about ROI.” – Poonam Joshi
  • “There was so much wonderful and helpful information included in this course, it is so difficult to identify one main takeaway! I really enjoyed this course, I found it much more engaging than other MOOCs I have taken in the past. I think the most helpful aspect for me was the section on determining social media marketing ROI. The approaches were explained succintly, so that even someone without a marketing degree can understand and follow. Thank you to the instructors, course developers, and fellow learners for a great experience!” – Cheryl Simmons
  • “I want to thank #QSTSMM for a very engaging and well-crafted online learning experience! The richness of the material is incredible!” – Cindy Johanna Rodriguez Avila
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